1. Q
    What is HelloAll
    HelloAll is a mobile App that facilitates and streamlines the entire process of conference calling and instant communication providing user a seamless experience. Using this App a user can initiate instant conference calls, dial into a conference call with a push of a button, organize and manage conference numbers and groups.
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    Are host and participant details both required to add a conference number
    Either host or participant details are fine. When you click on the conference number if you have provided both details we provide you option to join as a host or participant. If only 1 detail is provided we only show that option. If there are no participant details you cannot associate that number with a group. When you initiate an instant conference call we dial you in using the host details and we send the participant details to everyone listed in the group.
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    Is there a limit to total number of participants that we can add to a group
    There is no limit but we recommend you limit your group to the total number of participants your conference provider permits.
  4. Q
    Will there be carrier charges if I use text/email notifications
    We send text via your device's messaging system. Based on your service plan your carrier may charge for text notifications. Kindly check with your mobile service provider Emails will be sent via your default email on the device and will require data (cellular/wi-fi). Data charges may apply, kindly check with your mobile/internet service provider.
  5. Q
    What is Effisim
    Effisim Inc is the company that owns and maintains the App
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    What is the emergency option provided in a group for
    If you enable the emergency option for a group, every time you initiate an instant conference call it will notify all participants that the call is initiated for an emergency. They will receive page notifications in red. Also, if you have enabled location services for the App then your invitees will receive your location details via text and email notifications
  7. Q
    Can I modify the text/email message that is generated for sending notification
    Yes, you can modify and customize the content. You are responsible for the content that is transmitted.
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    How do I know if the conference details entered are correct
    Once you add a conference number try to dial in as a host as well a participant to test if the details are correct. The App will need every detail including #, * that is to be dialed run time
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    What if I miss the banner or other alerts
    If there are notifications that were received after you last viewed the App then an indicator will be displayed on top right hand side of the App with a number 1. All invites are listed in the notification page of the App and user can dial into the conference by clicking on the notification.
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    Is the App free
    We are trying to provide user with an advertisement free experience. To maintain our infrastructure, provide better service and enhance the product we charge a small annual fee